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LED vs. HPS Grow Lights

HID/HPS grow lights are very inefficient compared to full spectrum LED lights in 2019.

  • LED grow lights outlast HPS lights by more than 6x!
  • No toxins in LEDs compared to HPS lights.
  • Energy savings range from 50%-70% over HID lights.
  • LEDs run much cooler than HPS.
  • No plant burn and decreased fire risk.
  • No reflectors required for LED lights.
  • Maximum chlorophyll absorption and flower production.
  • 30% less frequent watering.
  • No thermal footprint.

When plants are grown indoors, light quality makes huge differences. Energy grow LED lights are directional, and they deliver light that is with full spectrum which is perfect for flowering and buds. This results in maximum efficiency, optimal yield, discrete operation, and greatly reduced energy costs.

LEDs Give Bigger Yields In 2019 every serious grower knows the true overall benefits of using high quality LED grow lights. Here is a Common Comparison: A 600 watt HPS light = 300 grams for the space its light covers, which equals half a gram per watt. An LED grow light yields up to 1.5 grams per watt while using a lot less electricity in order to produce the same luminosity. For example, the Diamond Series XTE 200 LED Grow Light by AdvancedLED has a power output of 248 watts but it can match the luminosity of an HPS light that has a power output of close to 450 watts.

Here are some the down sides of fans: Added heat from fan motorsAdded noise with indoor fansHPS often require multiple fans with portsAdditional power to run fansAdditional fire hazard Passive Cooling Our new 2019 designs of the EGRO-REZ and EGRO-330 have passive heat distribution technology. This allows heat from the diodes to dissipate well away from important chipsets and components. Additionally, selecting high quality diodes allows for a unit that creates very little heat. This is one of the main reasons to purchase a quality unit as compared to a big box $99 solution. The cheap units tend to burn components quickly, generate much more heat and never really generate the level of light the manufacturer promises.