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Energy Grow-Op Lighting

Featured cannabis industry article.

Go Fanless. No Need for Fans in Your LED Grow.

Energy Grow-Op Lighting

Here are some the down sides of fans:

  • Added heat from fan motors
  • Added noise with indoor fans
  • HPS often require multiple fans with ports
  • Additional power to run fans
  • Additional fire hazard

Passive Cooling

Our new 2019 designs of the EGRO-REZ and EGRO-330 have passive heat distribution technology. This allows heat from the diodes to dissipate well away from important chipsets and components. Additionally, selecting high quality diodes allows for a unit that creates very little heat. This is one of the main reasons to purchase a quality unit as compared to a big box $99 solution.

The cheap units tend to burn components quickly, generate much more heat and never really generate the level of light the manufacturer promises.

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