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The EGRO Series

Meet the World’s Most Innovative LED Full Spectrum Lighting Solution

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Did you know? One of the most important factors in plant growth and bud yield is lighting. Upgrading your lighting is the #1 best way to increase plant growth!

Keeping lighting as close to lights as possible without burning is key. This can only be achieved with high power, full spectrum LEDs – such as our EGRO-REZ-120 Series LED light for home grows, or our EGRO-330 LED light for commercial growers.

Featured Product

EGRO-REZ-120 Series LED Grow Light

A high-powered LED grow light designed for indoor grow rooms. Emitting high levels of light, the EGRO-REZ-120 can deliver exceptional crop yields. It is passively cooled and is a fully waterproof light fitting that has a simple method of installation. It can be series linked to other EGRO-REZ-120 units.

Featured Product

EGRO-330 LED Grow Light

A high-powered LED grow light designed for top lighting or supplementary lighting in indoor grow rooms and glasshouses. Emitting high levels of light, the EGRO-330 is fully waterproof and can operate as a stand-alone light fitting or can be connected to other EGRO-330 units to create a larger luminaire.